The UNFCCC has defined Forest Reference (Emission) Levels (FREL/FRLs) as benchmarks for assessing each country’s performance in reducing emissions and increasing removals associated with the implementation of REDD+ activities. Recently, Suriname submitted her second FREL which has some significant improvements compared to the first FREL, including more sources of emissions and streamlining national land use classes with IPCC classes.
The projected FREL emission is based on the complete 2000-2019 activity data, applying the linear projection method. The projected total emissions (see table below) for the coming years have a rising trend, as the largest sources of emissions which are deforestation and roundwood logging have seen increased annual emissions since 2000.

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Projected Annual Emissions (t CO2 yr-1)

Deforestation Forest Degradation
#YearTotal DeforestationFuelwoodRoundwoodShifting CultivationTotal DegradationTotal Projected Emissions