What is KOPI?

KOPI is the name of this webpage where all statistical data, produced within the framework of the National Forest Monitoring System (NFMS), can be viewed. This data can be used for research, planning and also policy making. This webpage was launched in March 2021, and is managed and maintained by the Foundation for Forest Management and Production Control (SBB).
The story behind the name KOPI is twofold. Kopi is the local name of the Goupia glabra tree that grows well with enough space and sunlight. Just like this tree, the data platform KOPI will eventually grow, given the proper care and attention it will get. Secondly, KOPI is an abbreviation of the Dutch words Kennis, Onderzoek, Planning, and Informatie (Knowledge, Research, Planning, and Information). The choice of the name is mainly owed to the forestry guards in SBB.
The information on KOPI is updated regularly, as soon as new data is produced. To view data of the different themes, please use the dashboard.